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Introduction to GameToken Ecosystem

GameToken is a deflationary token and provides people with yield farming, staking and many other things that you have seen a million times so far, we are not going to bore you with the same thing and just say “yes we know they do it too, but pick us”, we know that there are better platforms and bigger platforms for those things and we are not trying to convince you otherwise.
GameToken project will have all the things you have seen in those projects, plus an algorithmic stable crypto currency that will be approximately 1$ and this allows us to combine all the great things about tokens who put on top of the original basis protocol and all the projects that were yield farming, it allows us to make one project with both of them at the same time.
we are proud to announce the newest feature that we bring to BSC, something that has never been done before! Marketplace! In marketplace you will be capable of using our Algo Stable currency and buy countless games and in-game products, it will be a first ever in DeFi world that combines Yield Farming and Algo Stable currency with a Marketplace full of items that can be bought with the projects Token.
We are not remotely close to being done. We are aiming at starting our own vault, which will use our token to provide LP and compounding to as many currency as possible to make sure your money grows exponentially while you play your favorite games.

Our Journey

And more sucess is coming ...